memoQfest International

Having more than 150 attendees from about 25 countries every year, memoQfest became one of the most important conferences in the translation industry over the last couple of years.

Kilgray's sixth international memoQfest will take place on 7-9 May 2014, in Budapest, Hungary.

Beginning with a workshop day on 7 May, followed by two conference days, memoQfest 2014 will be an opportunity to learn about industry trends and Kilgray’s latest developments, attend workshops, discuss best practices, take part in social events, and exchange information with translators, language service providers, and translation end users.


Early bird registration will close on 16 April!


Just a few of the many reasons why you should attend:

  • Learn from thought leaders and translation industry professionals.
  • Broaden your network: meet peers, experts, software authors and new clients.
  • Get information on productivity boosters that you don’t hear elsewhere.
  • Take away translation workflow optimization tips.
  • Got difficult questions? Get detailed answers here!
  • Influence software development: discuss features and future development.


What's included?

  • More than 30 specialized sessions.
  • Case studies, best practices, advice from industry experts.
  • A choice of two full-day memoQ master classes.
  • A session on Kilgray’s most recent development, the memoQ cloud.
  • Great networking opportunities throughout the entire week of memoQfest.

To get an impression about the atmosphere of memoQfests, watch the following video:


Mark the date in your calendar and make sure you book your plane and train tickets to Budapest on time!